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Blue Hawk Trading LLP (BHT) boasts more than five decades of collective experience, focusing on customer-centric approaches, streamlined sourcing, robust infrastructure, and professional management. Our strength lies in our commitment to corporate governance and value generation. We maintain constant connectivity and foster continual growth within the domains of export services, procurement, logistics management, and the cultivation of client relationships. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the global expansion of businesses and the efficient fulfilment of their export needs. 

By leveraging an extensive IT-enabled network, expansive warehousing facilities, a dedicated team of experts, and a solid foundation, BHT delivers seamless multimodal transportation solutions in both Indian and global markets. We have a significant presence in regions such as the Maldives and the GCC.


To emerge as a leader in trade solutions that prioritise customer satisfaction and needs.


Our relentless commitment is to surpass expectations and champion excellence in both sourcing and transportation, thereby fulfilling the requirements of stakeholders across the globe.

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BHT Roadmap to Success

Utilize Cutting-Edge Technologies and Systems for Operational Efficiency.
Broaden the Global Network of Partners, Carriers, and Service Providers.
Create Cost-Efficient Logistics Strategies While Maintaining Service Excellence.
Investigate Bulk Discounts, Optimize Routes, and Enhance Inventory Management.
Nurture Long-Term Partnerships.
Engage in Collaborative Strategic Growth Initiatives.
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