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BHT offers each of the following as a stand-alone service offering or grouped together as part of a much broader procurement offering. We offer end-to-end domain expertise to ensure world-class execution and delivery.


We excel in offering the most competitive market prices by directly sourcing materials from manufacturers. Our specialization spans a diverse range, including agricultural supplies, perishable goods, processed items, frozen poultry, medical equipment, vehicle spares, as well as spices and condiments.


Our packaging and warehousing services are tailored to your needs. We create personalized packaging solutions, taking into account the cargo’s characteristics, value, and sensitivity to guarantee its safety during transit. Additionally, we offer secure warehousing options at strategically positioned facilities. These state-of-the-art warehouses feature temperature control and flexible operating hours. To further accommodate your needs, we provide services such as packing/unpacking and stuffing/de-stuffing.


We specialize in handling documentation, port operations, and Customs clearance at various borders and rail terminals.


We manage the entire process, including customs documentation and ground transportation, to ensure rapid delivery, making it the fastest option for reaching your destination.

We also leverage our decades of experience, to expertly handle your less-than-container load (LCL), full-container load (FCL), and break-bulk shipments with utmost precision and care.

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